BOYA BY-BM2021 Cardioid shotgun video microphone 輕量級機頂麥克風



BOYA BY-BM2021 是一款輕量級機頂麥克風,比使用內置麥克風的智能手機,平板電腦,相機,便攜式攝像機提供更好的聲音性能。包括 TRRS 和 TRS 音頻連接器電纜,它主要兼容智能手機,平板電腦,數碼單反相機,具有 3.5 毫米麥克風插孔的便攜式攝像機。 獨特的超心形極性模式,緊湊的拾音區域直接聚焦在麥克風前方,減少其他周圍的聲音,確保您的主體與任何背景噪音隔離。 增強型 ABS 結構僅 63g,麥克風始終保持您的設置超輕,使其成為手持拍攝的理想選擇。 沒有任何復雜的開關或設置,它主要由相機,攝像機或智能手機,PC 外部麥克風輸入供電,無需電池操作。 【產品特點】 - 適用於手機、相機、錄音機、個人電腦等 - 拾音模式: 超心型 - 相機供電,不需要電池 - 加強型 ABS 材質 - 頻率響應: 35-20,000Hz - 靈敏度: 信噪比:70dB - 最大聲壓級: 120 分貝聲壓級 【產品參數】 模式: 超心形 頻率響應: 40-20,000Hz 靈敏度: -35dB±3分貝@ 1KHz的 插座: 3.5mm TRS和TRRS連接器 尺寸(L * H * d): 6.6 * 3.0 * 2.0“ (168 * 77.2 * 49.9mm) 淨重: 63公克 The BOYA BY-BM2021 is a super cardioid video shotgun microphone, which offer much better sound performance than using smartphone, tablets, cameras, camcorders built in microphone. With both TRRS and TRS audio connector cable included, it compatible with mostly smartphone, tabelts, DSLRs, camcorders which has a 3.5mm mic jack. Unique supercardioid polar pattern, it tight pickup area focuses directly in front of the microphone and reduces other surrounding sounds, ensuring that your subject is isolated from any background noise. Reinforced ABS construction at only 63g, the microphone always keeps your setup super lightweight, making it ideal for handheld shooting. Without any complicated switches or settings, it’s mainly powered by cameras, camcorders or smartphone, PC external microphone input, requiring no batteries to operate. [Product Highlights] - Compatible with smartphone, DSLR cameras, camcorders, PC etc - Powered by smartphone, tablets, camera, no need battery - Reinforced ABS construction, super light weight - 3.5mm TRS & TRRS output, cable both included - Foam windshield included BOYA 產品官網: