Action Camera Suction Cup 多角度拍攝強力吸盤



↓↓↓ 優惠價 Special Offer ↓↓↓ 🛒 -------------------- [Specifications] Name: PGYTECH ACTION CAMERA Suction Cup No.: P-GM-132 Material: PA66+GF、TPU、Aluminium Net Weight: 138 g Size: 138 mm x 93.5 mm x 85 mm Compatibility: ACTION CAMERA ∵Double Ball Structure,360° Angle Adjustment∴ double ball structure,360° angle adjustment; Can adjust the angle according to different usage scenarios and shooting needs. ∵Large Suction Cup, Strong Adsorption∴ Using elastic resin, thick suction cup, large suction force, stable and reliable, can be adsorbed on smooth and flat surface. ∵High Strength Aluminum Alloy Material∴ The middle link is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, sturdy and light. ∵Quick Release Wrench Quick Operation∴ The PGYTECH Pin quick release wrench is patented and quick to operate. ∵Folding Storage, Small And Portable∴ Fully consider storage and carrying, foldable and portable. *Please note that the product can only be stored for a short period of time when folded like this and with temperatures ranging from 0 - 30℃ ∵Standard 1/4 Screw Adapter, Wide Adaptability∴ Standard 1/4 screw adapter, can be connected to various equipment such as photography lights, mobile phone clips, etc.